A Different Kind of Freshers

As we come to the end of freshers 2020, I’ve been reflecting on how different this year has been, and the various challenges we’ve faced putting on fun, interactive but most importantly safe events for students.

Now we’ve made it through the freshers fortnight period, and successfully run 10 events, hearing the amazing feedback and being the highlight for so many people who have moved to the city, as well as the returning 2nd and 3rd years, it has meant that the hurdles we had to overcome along the way have been thoroughly worth it.

We initially planned our events back in March, and even when the summer months passed, we did not foresee what situation we would be left in starting September. Even then, after planning our events 10pm-2am, we were dealt with the blow of the 10pm curfew. I remember that team meeting well, discussing, is that it? No freshers, no student events. I’m thankful now that between the team, we decided we weren’t going to give up. University can be a daunting experience, and a lonely one. Eating, working, studying and socialising all from one small flat in halls of residence, I imagine it must be a very tough way of living day to day under current social distancing restrictions. I’m hopeful that having that evening event to go to with your flat mates in a safe environment, has made what has already been a tough start to university life, just that little bit better.

After the success of the socially distanced events. We have decided to keep them going, with Bingo Go-Go every Tuesday, and TNT every Thursday. So if you haven’t been to one of our events yet, and you’re needing something to look forward to amongst all the doom and gloom, pop in and see us!


Head of Nightclubs & Events