Introducing the Climax Live DJ Academy!

As part of our continued commitment to nurture fresh and exciting talent, we are launching the Climax Live Academy. We have found 20 of the most exciting DJs and Producers who we will work alongside, with full support from our Head Mentors; Lyam Matthew, Glen Horsborough and Jody Barr.

Our vision is to fully support the artists journey to help them improve their DJ and production skills as well as provide a platform for all our academy members to perform in front of large audiences alongside global names, at both our events and Festivals, alongside international shows in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

We will be using our extensive music industry contacts to provide a program that will lead to significant progression of the artists to release alongside out label partners as well as providing the opportunity to source management and agents.

Climax Live founder, Mark Hopkins stated, “This is a very exciting opportunity for us as a company to be able to give back and provide opportunities for talent. In a time where there is so much doom and gloom in the world, this project will provide hope, positivity and an exciting journey along the way for all involved.”