How to manifest a better 2021

Law of attraction has been the hype now for as long as we can remember, so why not jump on the bandwagon? Here are our top tips to manifest a better 2021 for yourself and those around you.

First of all, know where your mindset matters. Contrary to what most people might think, belief alone can’t change anything, which means it takes consistent, deliberate action in order to bend the reality in your favour. Thoughts don’t manifest our dreams, but they dictate the actions we take. Therefore, before writing down your goals, check in with yourself: are you in a positive mindset right now?

Secondly, have patience. As we all know, great things take time. But most people tend to be overly patient in the short term and impatient in the long term. To illustrate: they work at a relaxed pace each day, yet complain and blame when they’re not an overnight success. It is important to identify the most important activities related to the goals. Once you have done that, convert them into habits, which will be the key to manifesting your dreams.

Third and not least- you win more as a team. Don’t hesitate to get others on board on your road to achievement. You could find others that share similar goals. Not only is it beneficial to talk to those who have already accomplished what you want, it is also very motivational and often times they share insider tips to speed up your progress.

We here at Climax Live will be manifesting an eventful 2021, with Inside Out, Colour Clash, Escape and Party At The Park making waves in the industry.